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 Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008

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Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008 Empty
PostSubject: Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008   Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008 Icon_minitimeMon Apr 14, 2008 5:35 pm

1. The Game Of Destruction
They together defeted Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker
took out Team Domination out by himself.

2. Team Domination
They Won their battle against The Alliance but we
need to see if they can do that at RumbleTastic.

3. The Rock
The Bull took out The Great Khali all by himself with
the help of The Alliance.

4. The Great Khali
Khali was taken out by The Alliance and was robbed of
a victory, is he going to attack back?

5. Jeff Hardy
He lost to The Game Of Destruction but got a victory
with his team mates, Team Domination.


-Shawn Michaels
The Heart Break Kid was a no show at Heat! but he is sure
to get some air time next week as he battles for the WeW Championship.

-The Alliance
These guys took out The Great Khali while the ref was down and then
they lost to Team Domination and let their brand down.

Farewell From The Impact List:

-Rey Mysterio
He was helping out his partner but he wasn't wrestling in the ring.
This really effected him.

-Brock Lesner
Brock Lesner, our IC Champ didn't show up for Heat!
so he has been droped out of the Impact List.

WEW's The Undertaker,
-The Game Of Destruction
- 6-2
Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008 UndertakersiggifALT
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Heat! Impact List April 12, 2008
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