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 WEW Title Ranks

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PostSubject: WEW Title Ranks   Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:35 pm

These are the title ranks and if enough people join we will put in all the championships listed here:

Saturday Night Heat

1st Rank: WEW Championship (Batista)
2nd Rank: WEW IC Championship (Brock Lesner)
3rd Rank: Heat! Tag Team Championships (Vacant)

Wednsday Night Rumble
1st Rank: Rumble Championship (Big Show)
2nd Rank: Hardcore Championship (Ric Flair)
3rd Rank: Rumble Tag Team Championships (Vacant)

Sunday Night Velocity
1st Rank: Velocity World Championship (Umaga)
2nd Rank: Domination Championship (Brock Lesner)
3rd Rank: Velocity Tag Team Championships (Umaga & Goldberg)
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WEW Title Ranks
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